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Family Tree Format

Traditionally, family trees were depicted using the “horizontal” format, like this:

This shows the four children of Jack and Jill – John, Jane, Fred and Mary.  However, with 19th century families sometimes producing as many as ten children, and by the time their spouses, children and grandchildren have been added, the diagram becomes extremely wide and is not conducive to easy printing.  Furthermore, there is little space to include the places and full dates of births, marriages and deaths, not to mention census information, which can be very illuminating.

All the family trees on this website use a “vertical” format, in which the above would be shown as:

Jack PIDGEON (1830 – 1895)
   m. Jill JONES (1832 – 1898)
    |– John PIDGEON (1856 – 1904)
    |– Jane PIDGEON (1858 – 1927)
    |– Fred PIDGEON (1860 – 1925)
   └  Mary PIDGEON (1862 – 1932)

There is now lots of space to add details, spouses and several generations, because the tree can expand vertically down the page, and still be easy to print.  We can now add full dates and places of births, deaths and marriages, and census information showing where the famly lived (in census years 1841, 1951, 1961, etc,) and who was shown on the census returns.

Jack William PIDGEON (b.24/5/1830, Manchester – d.3/11/1895, 64y, Birmingham) Organ builder
    :    1851:  at Minshall St, Manchester – Jack W (boarder)
   m.(12/6/1854, Worcester) Jill JONES (b.23/2/1832, Worcester – d.4/4/1898, 66y, )
    |    1861:  at 8 Newton St, Birmingham – Jack & Jill;  John, Jane, Fred
    |    1871:  at 24 Edmund St, Birmingham – Jack & Jill, John W, Jane, Fred G, Mary A
    |    1881:  at 17 Hollaway St, Birmingham – Jack William & Jill;  Frederick George, Mary Anne
    |    1891:  at 17 Hollaway St, Birmingham – Jack W & Jill
    |– John William PIDGEON (b.27/3/1856, Worcester – d.2/5/1904, Aston)
    |      m.(22/7/1877, Aston) Emily Florence FIELD (b.25/1 1857, Aston - d.1929, 72y, Erdington)
    |       |    1881:  at 11 Butler St, Aston – John William & Emily Florence;  William Edwin
    |       |    1891:  at 11 Butler St, Aston – John W & Emily F;  Walter E, Sarah J, George W
    |       |    1901:  at 11 Butler St, Aston – John W & Emily F;  Walter Edwin, Sarah Jane, George W
    |       |    1911:  at 11 Butler St, Aston – Emily F (wid);  Sarah Jane  [3/4 ch alive]
    |       |
    |       |– Walter Edwin PIDGEON (b.24/1/1880, Aston – d.8/1952, 72y, Kinglake, Vic) Farmer
    |       |      m.(14/5/1906, Aston) Nellie JOHNSON (b.7/9/1883, Aston – d.22/4/1958, 75y, Kinglake, Vic)
    |       |       |    1908:  Emigrated to Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on "Victoria"
    |       |       |
    |       |       |– Albert Victor PIDGEON (b.1910, Sydney, NSW – d.1983, 73y, Kinglake, Vic)
    |       |       |
    |       |       |– Mervyn Johnson PIDGEON (b.1913, Woollahra, NSW – d.1992, 79y, Melbourne, Vic)
    |       |       |
    |       |       |– Linda Elsie PIDGEON (b.1916, Woollara, NSW – d.2004, 88y, Yarra Glen, Vic)
    |       |       |
    |       |

    |       |– Mary Emily PIDGEON (b.12/4/1882, Aston – d.24/4/1882, 12d, Aston)
    |       |
    |       |– Sarah Jane PIDGEON (b.9/11/1883, Aston – d.2/2/1913, 29y, Aston)
    |       |     (+) ? ?
    |       |       |
    |       |      └  Thomas Davies PIDGEON (b.4/9/1912, Aston – d.3/7/2001, 88y, Bristol)
    |       |
    |      └  George William PIDGEON (b.13/8/1885, Aston – d.4/9/1948, 63y, Dudley)
    |– Sarah Jane PIDGEON (b.14/4/1858, Birmingham – d.16/5/1927, Erdington)
    |– Frederick George PIDGEON (b.3/8/1860, Birmingham – d.24/2/1925, Walsall)
   └  Mary Anne PIDGEON (b.22/6/1862, Birmingham – d.8/12/1932, Smethwick)

In the above tree we can now see the precise dates when Jack and Jill were born, married and died, and also where. We also see that Jack's full name was Jack William Pidgeon, and that in 1841, before he married Jill, he was living at Minshall Street in Manchester as a boarder. After his marriage they lived at various addresses in Birmingham, where their four children were born. In 1881 only two of their children were still living at home, and by 1891 they had all flown the nest.

John William married Emily Florence Field from Aston, and they lived all their married lives at the same address in Aston. Thier daughter Mary Emily died when only 12 days old. Their son Walter Edwin, after marrying Nellie Johnson emigrated to "greener pastures" in Australia, so their family is shown in green. They had more than three children, but the youngest are still alive, so their details are not shown. Mervyn was given his mother's surname as a middle name. So JOHNSON (in capitals was his mother's surname), but Johnson (in lower case) was his middle name.

The younger daughter of John William and Emily Field, Sarah Jane gave birth to a son out of wedlock, as shown by the (+). She named him Thomas Davies, so perhaps Davies was the surname of his father, but this is not known, and the father's name is shown as ? ?.

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