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PIDGEONs of St John, NB (Charles)

Charles PIDGEON was the fifth son of Jacob Henry PIDGEON and Mary BRITTAIN (see the PIDGEONs of St John family tree).  In the 1870 Trade Directory for St John, Charles was listed as a tide waiter (a customs official who boarded ships on arrival).  He and Frances lived in Carleton on the west side of the St John River.

   ab. = about,  b. = born,  bp. = baptised,  bu. = buried,  d. = died,  m. = married,
Charles PIDGEON (b.1813, NB – d.13/7/1870, Guy's Ward, Saint John) Tide waiter
   m.(12/11/1840, Carleton, NB) Frances L CRAFT (b.1819, Saint John – d.17/3/1900, Saint John)
    |    1871:  at Guy, St John – Frances L (wid);  Charles T, Edward H, George W  + Catherine MORROW
    |    1881:  at Guy, St John – Fanny                                                                                                (adopted dau?)
    |    1890:  at Water St, Carleton, St John – Frances L (wid. of Charles)
    |    1891:  at Guy, St John – Frances L (wid);  George (9, grandson) – next to CRAFT family
    |– Charles T PIDGEON (b.3/12/1843, Lancaster, NB – d.15/4/1918, Lancaster, NB) Customs’ clerk
    |      m.(28/1/1874, Boston MA) Frances E GIMBER (b.12/7/1850, NB – d.18/12/1926, Lancaster, NB)
    |       |    1881:  at Lancaster, St John – Charles & Frances E;  Emily G
    |       |    1891:  at St John – Charles & Frances;  Emily
    |       |
    |      └  Emily Gimber PIDGEON (b.1/8/1876, Saint John – d.1/4/1911, Juno Heights, NB)
    |– Edward H PIDGEON (b.ab.1847, NB – d.)
    |– Abram W PIDGEON (b.1849, Carleton, Saint John NB, – d.1849, Carleton, NB)
   └  George Wellington PIDGEON (b.1855, Carleton, NB, – d.3/8/1904, Cambridge, MA)
           m1.(5/12/1877, Carleton, NB) Naomi Anne LANE (b.Dec 1856, St John – d.5/10/1878, Carleton, NB)
           m2.(27/10/1880, Chelsea, MA) Ida E LYON (b.ab.1858, Saint John – d.)
            |– George Herbert PIDGEON (b.17/8/1882, Somerville, MA, – d.1963, Framingham MA)
            |      m1.(7/4/1901, Revere, MA) Florence E WILLARD (b.ab.1882, Chelsea, MA – d. befpre 7/1907)
            |      m2.(11/7/1907, Rutland, MA) Margaret Ann McKINNON (b.ab.1881, Glace Bay, NS – d.)
           └  Walter Francis Llewellyn PIDGEON (b.26/7/1891, Cambridgeport, MA – d.)
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