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PIDGEONs of Sheffield, Yorkshire

Andrew PIGEON was born in Ireland, but married Lucy STUBBS at Doncaster in1836. Five children were born. Three died as infants, and one as a 3-year-old toddler before Andrew himself died. The fifth child Julia died at the age of 18 years, leaving her widowed mother to spend her last three years living with her sister’s family.

Andrew was a plasterer. At first they lived at Sheffield, before moving to Manchester. After Andrew’s death, his wife Lucy moved back to Sheffield.

   ab. = about,  b. = born,  bp. = baptised,  bu. = buried,  d. = died,  m. = married,
   Places in italics = Registration districts
Andrew PIGEON (b.ab.1810, Ireland – d.1852, 42y, Manchester) Plasterer
   m.(23/5/1836, Doncaster) Lucy STUBBS (b.ab.1809, Sheffield – d.1861, 52y, Ecclesall Bierlow)
    |    1841:  at Trafalgar St, Sheffield – Andrew & Lucy;  John, Julia
    |    1851:  at St James St, Deansgate, Manchester – Andrew & Lucy, Julia
    |    1861:  at 50 Multon St, Sheffield – Lucy (wid);  with sister Elizabeth GELSTHORPE & family
    |– John PIDGEON (b.17/6/1837, Sheffield – d.1843, 5y, Ecclesall Bierlow)
    |– Julia PIDGEON (b. 3/11/1839, Sheffield– d.1858, 18y, Ecclesall Bierlow)
    |– Andrew PIDGEON (b.1844, Ecclesall Bierlow – d.1845, 0y, Ecclesall Bierlow)
    |– Lucy Ann PIDGEON (b.1847, Chorlton – d.1947, 0y, Manchester)
   └  Andrew PIDGEON (b.1849, Manchester – d.1849, 3m, Manchester)
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