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The Pidgeon Post is a family history newsletter, initially issued roughly every 6 to 9 months. It contains news and views on the family history of not only Pidgeon families but also of those which use the alternative spellings of Pidgen or Pigeon. It is intended to complement the genealogy pages of this web site, and will add flesh to the bones of the family trees. Perhaps the stories will be more meaningful if read in conjunction with the trees on these pages.
Although I have written most of the articles, a few were written or supplied by others, and I welcome stories about Pidgeon families, which can be included in future issues of the Pidgeon Post.
Several of the articles deal with the Pidgeon DNA Project. Some explain the technical aspects of the DNA tests, and others provide an insight into the results. Below is a list of articles already published.

No.1 -- November 2008
Gunpowder Plot, Aylesbeare,
     by Jean Harris
The Pidgeon DNA Project
Pidgeons of Ilchester
No.2 -- May 2009
Devon Family Trees
The Mystery of Eva
Christmas Day Tragedy
The Pidgeon DNA Project
No.3 -- November 2009
Non-Devon Family Trees
Grace and Disgrace?
Bruce Delabere Pidgeon
Eva's Lover
The Pidgeon DNA Project
No.4 -- May 2010
Devon Family Trees (revised)
Two Michael Pidgeons,
     by Noel Pidgeon
Philip Pidgeon of Purple Peak,
     by Alana Pidgeon
Downend Pigeons,
     by Bob Pigeon
The Pidgeon DNA Project
No.5 -- December 2010
Norfolk Pidgeons
Aussie Tour
Great Yarmouth and Pidgeons
Chum's Tale
The Battersea Chopper Murder
What's Your Name?
No.6 -- July 2011
Trinidad Wedding
Pidgeons of Hertfordshire
Christchurch, NZ
Pidgeons of Ilchester
The Mystery of Eli Pidgeon
Websters, Wakefields, Pidgens
Pidgeons in the News
The Pidgeon DNA Project
Trees on the Web
No.7 -- December 2011
Christiana's Evil Husband
Aussie Tour -- 2
Pidgeon Who's Who
The Pidgeon DNA Project
No.8 -- September 2012
Basil Derek Pidgeon
Pidgeon Publicans of London
Pidgeons of Cullompton
Francesca Pidgeon
The Pidgeon DNA Project
The Pidgeon Machine
No. 9 -- April 2013
Pidgeons in the News
More Pidgeon Publicans
Captain Harry Pidgeon
Quaker Pidgeons of Iowa
Pidgeons of Shropshire
Upton Magna Family Tree
Births, Marriages & deaths
No.10 -- December 2013
Devon Reunion
Capt. Stephen Alonzo Pidgeon
The Secret Wireless War
Pidgeon v. Pidgeon & Keith
Frederick George Pidgeon
Tim's Finds
Births, Marriages & Deaths
No.11 -- June 2014
Devon Reunion
The Queen's Pidgeon Awards
Amelia Pidgeon, actress
Niki Pidgeon, carer
William Pidgeon, convict
Pidgeons of Stockport
Pidgeons of Hazel Grove
Births, Marriages & Deaths
No.12 -- January 2015
Basil Pidgeon BEM
Devon Reunion
New Zealand Visitors
Pigeons & Pidgeons of Quebec
Pidgeons in Prison
Births, Marriages & Deaths
No.13 -- December 2015
Joe Pidgeon "of Cuba"
Pidgeon Pioneers
Memoirs of Banks Peninsula
Busted Flush
Pidgeons in Canada
Ben Pidgeon
Births, Marriages & Deaths
No.14 -- June 2017
Pierre Pigeon of Montreal
Pidgeon Droppings
Pidgeon-Thomas Iron Company
Pidgeons from Kenton to Lancs
Births, Marriages & Deaths
No.15 -- October 2019
The Shipwreck of the Martha
Daniel Elias Wilson (b. Pigeon)
Sheffield Shenanigans
DNA and family trees
George Robert Pidgeon
Colin Edwin Pidgeon
Irish Wedding - David Pidgeon
No.16 -- April 2021
Pamela Pigeon - Secret Spy
Migrating Pidgeons
The Rev. Edward Pidgeon
Mystery of John Pidgeon, PC
Car Thief
Frederick George Pidgeon IV
Obit - Juvanne Martin (Pidgeon)
No.17 -- March 2022
Walter Pidgeon, Film star
A Wale or a Pidgeon?
DNA Update
Flock of Julien Pigeon
H Howlett
Stephen Arthur (John) Pidgeon
Geoffrey Pidgeon
Trevor Pidgeon
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