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PIDGEONs of Ireland

The Pidgeons of Ireland possibly came originally from England, but there are no known records which confirm this. The surname probably originated in England around the 14th century. In the 16th century, after Henry VIII fell out with the Pope, many English Protestants were sent to Ireland to settle there and help bring the island under English control. Pidgeons were possibly amongst the settlers. This does not mean that they all remained Protestants, and we know that many of those who later left Ireland were Catholics.

The records of Ireland are relatively scarce, and so it is impossible to link many family groups. It has been assumed that those of the same county are probably related, but they can only be shown in separate groups. To help in identifying those which may related, guesses at dates of birth or marriage have made in many cases. These are shown as 'b.ab.1800?', and should not be confused with those without the'?', such as 'b.ab.1800' in which the date is based on an age at a known date.

A series of famines caused by potato blight in the 1840s caused mass starvation and emigration. It was after this that most of the Irish Pidgeons emigrated to England, Australia or the USA.

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