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Pidgeons of Canada

The earliest Pigeons to arrive in Canada came from France, when the country was known as Nouvelle France. Pierre Pigeon came from Paris about 1660, and Julien Pigeon from Normandy about 1750.

The first English Pidgeons came north from New York with the United Empire Loyalists (UELs) after being driven out of the newly independent United States in 1783. Many UELs fled to Ontario and Nova Scotia, and the Pidgeons settled at St John in what was to become New Brunswick in 1784. The Hollywood actor Walter Pidgeon is descended from them. More English Pidgeons followed in the 19th century.

Pidgeons also came from Ireland in the 19th century, settling according to their religion. Some settled in PEI, but the Catholic Irish settled in Quebec, where they had more in common with the French than the English.

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