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The PIDGEON Project

If your name is Pidgeon, Pidgen, Pigeon or anything similar and you have ever been teased about whether you can flap your wings or fly away - THIS is your website.

The project aims to trace all people with these names, whether living or dead, to organise them into flocks, and develop a family tree for each flock or part thereof. To do this, we use family knowledge, all kinds of civil, parish and other records, and DNA. And by "we", I include the many people who have conributed in any way.

If you know which flock you might belong to, use the drop-down MENU above to navigate to it. Otherwise, a Google search using a name plus other known informatiob such as a date or place might help to find the right page. Once you have found the family tree, use the Find tool (Ctrl+F) to find the person.

All known Pidgeon families originated in either England, Ireland or France, although not all can be traced back to the home country and may be found under USA or Canada, the country where they settled. The surname probably originated in England and France around the 13th century. In the 16th century, English settlers were sent to Ireland to bring the island under English control. Pidgeons were possibly amongst them, so that the Irish Pidgeons possibly came from England, too. Two Pigeons from France are known to have emigrated to Quebec, Canada, one about 1660 and the other around 1750. You will find these under Canada.

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